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cover2Seraphim STORM, the sequel to Seraphim ASCENT as well as the second installment to the Project SERAPHIM Series, is officially LIVE!

It’s only been like, what? Two years?

Which is kinda appropriate, I suppose, considering that the immediate timeline for STORM takes place two years prior to the events of ASCENT. I swear I did not intend for this to happen, neither did I mean for such a huge delay in publication!

Although I could make up a whole list of excuses, I am on a time crunch right now with a 3am travel and an early morning flight to catch, but I am proud of this achievement. This is like a huge weight finally lifted off of my shoulders, and I hope it can be enjoyed.

Check out the official page for Seraphim STORM for more information on the storyline and how you can purchase a copy! And if you need any help catching up on the whatnots of the previous novel, I have set up a handy dandy wiki page for convenient information and synopsis (which I am still working on), in addition to character pages (which I am also still working on).

Anyway, it is getting way late and I still have a lot of work (and some packing) to do. Contact me if you have any questions/concerns/ticky box or whatever, and I will do my best to… do my best.

More news to follow!

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